Press Coverage

Picture the Unseen

A story about visualizing microbial communities featuring [Jarrod Scott](author/jarrod-j-scott/). Design by Jorge Alemán.

Seafood Stew

A story about a new shrimp species from Panama’s Coiba National Park featuring [Matt Leray](author/matthieu-leray/). Photo by Arthur Anker.

The future of Coiba coral reefs

An interview with [Matt Leray](author/matthieu-leray/). Photo by Sean Mattson.

Reef Fish & their Microbes

Study finds fish have diverse, distinct gut microbiomes. Photo by José Alejandro Alvarez.

Tropical Microbiomes

STRI hosts 2019 marine microbiome workshop.

Coiba: From Prison to Biodiversity Sanctuary

A short documentary piece about Isla Coiba by one of our students. Photo by Toa Heftiba.

Eastern Tropical Pacific

A story about our first expedition to Panama’s Coiba National Park. Photo by Sean Mattson.