Hypoxia driven coral bleaching & microbial shifts in Caribbean Panama

Welcome. This page provides access to our study on hypoxia-driven coral bleaching and microbial shifts in Caribbean Panama. Ocean deoxygenation poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems, but has only recently been identified as a critical, emerging stressor in tropical ecosystems. Despite the catastrophic implications, the effects of oxygen-loss on coral reefs and associated microbial communities remains poorly understood.

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In this study, we
  • Targeted two sites during the Bocas del Toro hypoxic event of 2017.
  • One normoxic site & one hypoxic site, both during and after the event.
  • Conducted extensive field measurements to quantify environmental conditions & corresponding effects on coral physiology.
  • Used 16S rRNA amplicon & metagenomic sequencing determine the effects of hypoxia on microbial communities.

On this site you will find details on our reproducible bioinformatics workflow and how to access all data/data products. We also provide numerous data tables and figures including all tables, figures, and supplementary information from the original publiation.

Use the Cite button above to access a BibTeX formatted bibliography for the references we used in this study.

Banner photo credits, Maggie Johnson & Noelle Lucey.

Jarrod J Scott
Jarrod J Scott
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Matthieu Leray
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