Field surveys, physiological analyses, & microbial communities during a marine hypoxic event.

Transisthmian Water Microbiomes

Assembly-based metagenomics of coral reef & mangrove water samples from both sides of the Isthmus of Panama.

Picture the Unseen

A story about visualizing microbial communities featuring [Jarrod Scott](author/jarrod-j-scott/). Design by Jorge Alemán.

CACAO fermentation

The key step in the formation of chocolate aroma precursors.

A Genus definition for Bacteria and Archaea based on a Standard Genome Relatedness Index

Genus assignment is fundamental in the characterization of microbes, yet there is currently no unambiguous way to demarcate genera solely using standard genomic relatedness indices. Here, we propose an approach to demarcate genera that relies on the …

Rethinking Diversity

A conceptual tour of the microbial world with an eye on genomics.